How to Decide on an Outdoor or Indoor Wedding Reception

How to Decide on an Outdoor or Indoor Wedding Reception

After couples exchange their vows, the next step is partying time. You can either go outdoors to revel under the sky at night or head in a controlled air-conditioned room. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options. Lets begin by looking at the major factors that determine the kind of venue you will choose.


The Weather

Timing is critical when looking for a wedding reception venue. If you are planning for a summer wedding, you have to think about the heat when going for an outdoor reception. Taking your reception indoors is also a safe bet during the cold months. Make your decision depending on the time of the year and stay away from any noise destructions. Outdoor venues may restrict you with regard to the reception time and the number of people you wish to host.


You will be forced to move your outdoor wedding reception indoors if your weather turns nasty. Apart from dampening your initial reception plans, it will also significantly increase your expenses. We always have a plan ‘B’ just in case it rains. You have to consider this when planning because it comes with an additional expenditure. You can go for an indoor venue if the budget does not allow you to plan for an alternative.

Advantages of Outdoor Reception 

  • Gorgeous Views

The primary advantage of outdoor receptions is the stunning views that come with it. The defining element of outdoor reception spaces is the views because they are not confined by the walls. The outdoor reception can also reflect the personality of a couple whose first date was hiking. However, an indoor venue that features beautiful vistas is ideal for individuals who are craving to view but don’t want to take the reception outdoors. If you crave for the views and not the issues of staying outdoors, Wescott suggests that you choose a venue that provides a scenic spot for the outdoor cocktail party and vow and go indoors for dancing and dining.

  • More Guests

Outdoor receptions also give you enough space for more guests especially if you are throwing a big wedding.


Disadvantages of Outdoor Reception

  • Weather

The weather can be the biggest undoing when it comes to outdoor wedding receptions. A day that is drizzly wet or blistering hot sunny can ruin the wedding day. You may be forced to supply your guests with blankets during the cold months. You may also be forced to give them misters or shade stations during the simmer season.

  • Bugs

Some fly bites or mosquitoes can end up ruining your fun reception.

  • Cost of Tents

You have to shell out a tent in case it begins to rain and this may be quite expensive. Larger tents can be even more expensive depending on the number of guests you will be hosting.

  • Decoration

Most indoor wedding venues normally have the chairs and tables that you can use. Outdoor receptions may not have this and you have to rent the items. Prevailing weather conditions may also destroy your decorations. Pick your decorations wisely because the wind may blow out your flowers or candles.

  • Surprise Expenses

Most brides don’t think about the electricity when planning for their outdoor reception. Its wise to have an electrician at the venue to make sure that everything is working properly. Indoor venues don’t face this challenge because the wiring system is already established. In addition to that the catering charges for outside venues are usually higher.

  • Noise or Sound

Traffic and other sounds can interfere with your music if you are hosting the reception outside. Visit the reception site severally to make sure that there is minimal to no interference from unwanted noise.

Advantages of Indoor Receptions

  • No Worries About the Weather

You will be safe even if it is raining. Your guest will remain dry throughout the event.

  • Electricity

You won’t have any problem with electric supply unless there is a power outage. Just pray that this does not take place. Also, there is ne need to get electrical supply outlets.

  • Decoration

In most cases, there is normally no need to decorate the venue. Most of these venues come fully stocked with chairs and tables. This reduces the number of rentals and you can spend your cash on other things like beautiful flowers or an incredible live band.

Disadvantages of Indoor Wedding Reception

  • Photography

Most of the indoor spaces I have seen don’t have sufficient lighting. Photographers have to use the flash feature to take nighttime shots. The challenge is that some guests find this to be annoying.

  • Lack of Views

Most of the indoor reception spaces don’t have great views

  • Decoration

It can be very costly to transform the indoor space into a style you will love if you don’t have a style for the venue.

You need to weigh these two options carefully before you make a choice. Understand the pros and cons of each space and choose the most comfortable one depending on the prevailing situations.