Tips to Make Your Floral Crown Last Longer

If you have a serious love for flowers, and you want to showcase it on your wedding day, then we may have something in store for you. Bridal flower headpiece trend is a sensational hit and they never fail to lift up the spirit. The only problem with the crown is flowers will welt shortly after you put them on. But, don’t worry, we are giving you a few tips to keep the flowers fresh for a big longer.


Long Lasting Flower

You want the flowers to last longer, you should use a dryer like lavender or foliage. You can also use some herbs like Rosemary or Succulents. It will be better if you talked with your florist about some resilient choices. See which flowers have allergens and which don’t.

Also, be careful when you set some other products alongside the flower, ask your hairstylist not to add the floral crown unless he is done with the hairspray. Moreover, don’t use any perfume near the flowers.

Fresh flowers give a great look when you have your hair up or down. So whenever you want to make a crown or a slide, don’t forget to add some small flowers around your up do. Keep your look natural or it will mess with your mane.


Use Water

Try to keep your wedding flower crown in water or refrigerator until the very last moment before you wear it. Ask your photographer to take a few shots of you before the ceremony. You should do it because the blossoms are at their finest now.

Take a lot of Pictures. Fresh flowers can give looks, wild ones and bohemians. Yes, they can be both vintage and elegant. So to make sure you get whatever you want, give your florist as much details as you can.

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