Wedding Catering

Tips for Preparing Wedding Catering

The most important things about a wedding – apart from obviously wanting the bride and groom – are “eat and drink” and capture future memories, which is like hiring good wedding photographers. In this post we will talk about catering. Whether you prefer to hire wedding catering Tampa company or do-it-yourself, there are tips that should be kept in mind in both cases.

First of all, have access to the full list of guests and make sure you know about allergies and preferences. How many vegetarians are there? Will anyone be allergic to gluten or lactose?

Tips for Preparing Wedding Catering

For entrees, always have an average of 6 or 7 canapés per person (think of whether there will be many children, who usually just enjoy the more “basic” entrees style patties and pies or if there are many adults who love to try new delicacies). Serve hot and cold starters, alternating between each other. All must be served in beautiful dishes, in different ways. If the wedding in question has a theme, try adapting the entries to the theme.

Making sure all canapés are delicious is ensuring a good start to the glass of water.

And as main course, we advise the buffet including one of the hot dishes and the other of cold dishes. For both, it is easiest to choose one or two main courses (e.g. roast suckling pig and salmon or duck with orange and chicken tikka masala) and let all other dishes spin around these – salads, pasta and different types of bread that fit. If the wedding has a theme, adapt the dishes to the theme, but serve some more traditional at a separate table, so that everyone is satisfied and well served.

Now, ask wedding photographers to photograph the dishes, but to be careful – no one likes to be photographed while eating!

Ultimately, hire caterers in Tampa. It is where everything can become more creative