Tips to Improve your Wedding Ceremony Music

Dance is very important part of a wedding and you should encourage it. What better way to inspire people to get on the dance floor than playing some thriving wedding ceremony music.  If you want to be prepared and thought when it comes to music for weddings, then you should leave the job to a professional. He will know the better. Apart from that, you can act on these tips to contribute.


  • Better open the dance floor with a slow classic and get every couple to dance. You can start with “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis and then switch to something fast paced like “Twist & Shout” and let everyone groove. When there is such music for weddings, no one can resist dancing.
  • Try to do your first dance after the grand entrance. There are healthy few reasons for it. First you have everyone’s attention, second it helps you to take care of any nerves that will bother you for the rest of your day.
  • Never pressure yourself to play the whole song for your first dance. You can easily cut it off halfway without a hitch, no one will mind. 4 minutes are enough.
  • You can create your own playlist, no wedding music ideas keep you from doing it. Keep the tabs for a while and then hand over the control to the professional. They will slightly alter the cocktail music and make it lively and energetic. Never handle the dinner music as it needs to be Mellow and Instrumentals.


  • Don’t restrict the DJ too much. Let him read your audience first and decide whether its fine to let your guests request songs. Sometimes they can request something great, sometimes it can be really annoying. So let your DJ control the music
  • Rent some dance floor lighting, these will definitely add an edge. It will completely change your dance party environment.