3 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro!

Do you know what lies between reality and expectation? It’s Frustration! Maybe that’s why Wedding planning are overwhelming and frustrating. The best strategy to plan your wedding is to stick with the basics. To help you do that, we are giving you 3 simple tips to plan your wedding like a pro.


Set Your Budget

Weddings can cost you a fortune, and you will always want to add something you can’t afford. Therefore, before you start your wedding planning, make a budget. Now you can focus on the wish list for what you want in your wedding. Make sure these items are within your budget. Never try to exceed your budget once you get everything in place. After you are done planning, revise the whole thing and see where you can make adjustments.

Make a Timeline

Aside from money, time is the second most valuable resource when planning your big day. You better create a timeline for your schedule and map out dates on calendar. Get a checklist with your timeline and make sure you following planning the big day with your wedding ideas. When you want your calendar, you want to make sure that you have enough time to plan and execute.

Start with Important Details

Every wedding planner will emphasize this, start with the big and important details. This includes your venue and food. You can worry about the flower arrangement later. That’s right, don’t prioritize your dress and decoration above all. First things first, make your guest list, anticipate how many people will be there, consider your budget, pick a theme, book your venue, speak your caterer and worry about how the reception goes. Save all the savvy details include fancy cocktails, lightings, and flowers for later, you can adjust them however you want after you have taken care of the big fish.

Infographic provided by Grown Brilliance