Bachelorette Party Ideas In New York City

In the realm of bachelorette party ideas there’s an age old polemic that a bride-to-be must choose between two polar extremes. On one hand, her bachelorette party could be classy yet boring, on the other, wild yet morally imprudent. The former expresses a limited range of choices from a cliche spa day to a jaded dinner and drinks. The latter leaves even fewer options, all relegated to a realm unsought by any sensible, educated female.

But what if a bride and her bridesmaids want to have a classy bachelorette party that doesn’t disrespect their intelligence nor put at stake their basic moral integrity? Enter Fondudes, a New York dinner theater specializing in bachelorette parties that are classy yet down right wild.

Originating in London and later moving to New York, Fondudes is the brainchild of genius company Punchdrunk’s theatrical cohort. The class of immersive theater popularized by noteworthy “Sleep No More” is augmented two dimensions further: First, into the interactive realm, second, into the bespoke realm. Interactive Theater is a novelty, but it has been integrated into other theatrical formats before, most notably other dinner theaters. Bespoke Theater, on the other hand, is an original innovation by Fondudes wherein the audience itself chooses the direction of the theatrical narrative.

“Our goal is to make sure we give each bride a wild performance and a proper sendoff before her wedding,” says Evan, a handsome Fondudes actor. “We want each show to be Earth-shattering and memorable, but we also want to make sure each one of our audience members is comfortable and having a really fun time!”

Not only is Fondudes one of the most fun bachelorette party ideas NYC has to offer, they serve some of the best fondue NYC has to offer. Each recipe on the dinner theater’s menu has been carefully designed by a team of chefs and chocolatiers to include caramel as well as chocolate options. “It’s less often the case but we have encountered ladies who prefer other sweets over chocolate,” Evan confesses. “That’s why we have some delicious caramel options to suit the tastes of those audience members. Between the wide range of dark, milk, white chocolate and caramel, I personally haven’t encountered a guest who hasn’t loved our fondue.”

The company’s website explains that they also perform outside the sphere of bachelorette parties, bringing their signature concept of Bespoke Theater to ladies celebrating a wide range of special occasions. As far as goes parties and bachelorette gift ideas, the concept is also popular as a gift to the bridal party from the bride herself. “So much goes into planning a wedding,” Evan explains. “Brides often forget how much each of their ladies has to do for their wedding, how far they each have to travel, etc. So we’re finding that a lot of brides will just book Fondudes tickets for their girls just to say thanks for all the hard work. It’s a nice thing to do for the ladies you love who are there supporting you as you step into the next phase of your life.”