Things to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is both incredibly exciting and also nerve-wracking! Although increasingly couples now opt to shop for the ring together, it is still the case that many males are left to shop for the ring on their own and in secret!

Let’s face it. This leaves plenty of scope for disaster!

But don’t worry, whether you’re a perplexed male or a couple – this guide aims to demystify the process of buying the perfect engagement ring.


  • The Budget

There is somewhat of a tradition that the price you pay for an engagement ring should be the equivalent of two to three months’ salary. However, if this was ever truly the case, it is certainly now an outdated concept.

Overstretching your finances to purchase an engagement ring is not a good idea. Spend a budget that you are comfortable with. Beautiful engagement rings are available to suit all budgets and spending a little less leaves more money for those things like that dream honeymoon.

  • Understand the four Cs

Diamonds are almost ever-present on engagement rings. As such, it is useful to understand the terminology that is used to determine the quality and value of these precious stones. This terminology is commonly known as the four Cs. Each C is a grading category that is applied to each stone.

The gradings are described below.

  • Cut – This is a grading that describes how well a diamond is cut. This determines how well it captures the light.
  • Carat – This is a simple measurement of the size of the diamond.
  • Colour – Or, more accurately, the lack of colour! This is a measurement of how colourless a diamond is.
  • Clarity – Finally, clarity is a grading that is applied to each diamond and is a rating of how flawless the stone is.

However, while these are good measurements to understand the value of a ring, it is worth not putting too much emphasis on these when making the final decision. If the ring looks right, it probably is!

It is also worth remembering that other precious stones are available! While a diamond is a traditional choice, other gemstones that work wonderfully include sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

  • Choosing the perfect metal

Engagement rings are typically gold or platinum. Both of these look stunning and the choice is mostly a matter of taste, but to help choose, consider your partner’s taste. For instance, if she already wears a lot of silver jewellery, then consider a platinum or white gold ring. If she already has a lot of gold jewellery, then opt for a more traditional yellow gold engagement ring.

  • Preferred Styling

You probably know all about your partner’s style already. However, it is still surprising how often this is overlooked when choosing an engagement ring.

For instance, some people prefer subtle and understated jewellery, while others use it to make a statement. Try to take this into account when making your decision. If you are unsure about the design, then an ever-popular design like celtic engagement rings can be a great option.


Buying an engagement ring is a huge milestone in anyone’s life and can represent a large financial outlay. As such, it is a decision that you want to get just right!

While the thought of couples shopping for an engagement ring would have seemed wrong a few decades ago, that is no longer the case. If you are truly stuck, then don’t fret, consider proposing without the ring, then make the shopping experience the first exciting adventure of your new life together!

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