4 Tips to Help you Nail Your Wedding Dance

Your big day is right around the corner and the thought of dancing in front of all your family members scares you to death. It may be a surprise but that’s completely normal. No one wants to look like a fool when it comes to wedding dance. To help you make sure you don’t, we are giving you the following quick tips.


Step Up with Confidence

Work on your grand entrance, everyone has their eyes on you so show confidence. Stand up tall, keep your head up and walk with confidence. Once you get to the middle of dance floor, be calm and listen to the music playing before you groove.

Hold Your Pose

While planning your wedding, save some time and take dance lessons. It will save your skin. Learn how to hold a proper dance position so you will feel connected with your special one while you dance. A proper position gives off a polished look for great pictures.


Don’t Fool Around

Most couples don’t practice and that’s why their wedding dance ends up in a disaster. As suggested before, take some professional help. Practice your moves before the big day. Know what you do, and don’t get carried out by the crowd. The first dance is not your ideal time to try something new, try something you haven’t done before.

Don’t Freak Out

Being a human, you are bound to make a mistake. Everyone screws up, including professionals, so you don’t have to panic when you make a mistake. Remember, the difference between a professional and amateur? Pros don’t show it written on their face when they mess up. By all means, it’s very likely you will screw due to the pressure, crowd, and even the wedding dress. So, don’t take it too hard, carry on with your dance moves like nothing else happened.