3 Wedding Car Hire to Make sure Nothing Falls Apart

The thing about Wedding Car Hire is you have to be careful about each detail, just like everything else. If there is a slight negligence, the whole thing can fall apart. To make sure it doesn’t, and you remain resilient, see the following tips:


Save the Sneaky Ways

There are many ways to save on your wedding transportation. One effective way is to cut the route short. You don’t need to take the highway and make it look like a parade. See the joining areas and streets. Are they good enough (we are not asking you to go through alleyways), can you pass through them while saving money and looking good? If yes, then consider it. There is no shape in trying to save bit money on your Wedding Car Hire.

Make Sure the Photographer is there

You need to film the capture beautifully. In order to do that, you have to ensure that the photographer is present there before you arrive. So you need to make a few phone calls to the guy and make sure he is there. If possible, hire another photograph, save a seat for him and bring him along your ride for pre and post ceremony shots. These shots will consist of the bridal party and your very first moments of being a married couple.

Organize with a Call Sheet

When it comes to your big day, the last thing you want is to forget what you have been carefully planning all along. Sure you are not booking a ride for yourself, but for some guests as well. So, have a call sheet and organize. Make a list of guests that needs to be picked and assign car to them. Call the company and the guests a few days before the wedding to make sure timing is clear.