3 Simple Tips for Better Wedding Photography

If you are good with a camera, sooner or later, someone will ask you to capture their wedding. While it is best to leave this thing to the professionals, still you can improve you odds of nailing it with better preparation. Therefore, following we are giving you a few wedding photography tips to help you perfectly capture a dream wedding.3-simple-tips-for-better-wedding-photography

Know What You Offer

One thing is for sure, you have to be clear about what you offer. Let the couple know you are doing them a favor, and nothing is perfect.  When it comes to wedding photography, don’t exceed their expectations. Also, you don’t need to include everyone in the wedding photos. So, don’t get stuck in capturing a hell lot of family groups. Just let them know you will capture family groups as you see better. Moreover, it will take some time to deliver the photos, let the couple know to avoid trouble.

Pre-Plan Everything

You can’t rely on going with the flow here.  You need to plan your every move. Wedding photography is nothing like street photography, you can’t just take photos walking here and there. Pre-plan to make sure you won’t miss any important shots. Make a list of shots and relative wedding photo ideas. Do you research for the venue and learn how to capture such location.

Shoot like Hell

For picture perfect wedding photos, you will need to shoot a lot. There are high chances that most snaps won’t be good, but you have their replacement. So don’t screw around by not shooting enough. Shoot even more with groups, shoot more frames than you need. It will ensure that you have at least one great shot where everyone will be looking at the camera, and won’t be blinking. Also, don’t forget to bring spare batteries and memory cards.