Tips for Wedding Photography

Whenever we go to photograph some wedding we get that little cold in the belly, but the important thing is to keep calm so that the photographs can be the best possible. We are dealing with a very important date and the couple that should be totally satisfied with the work so that you can be a successful photographer. Check out the tips on how to do Wedding Photography Washington DC that we have separated for you:


  1. Offer a “Trash the Dress” session

A few months before the wedding it is necessary to have this session with the bride and groom to gain confidence and get to know them better, which is essential for good photographs. Combine a day that is sunny and give opinions on places of preference, several couples are always in doubt when the subject is the place for beautiful photographs.

In this session it will take a few hours of the day and lots of creativity, so keep the couple whenever possible relaxed to be able to capture spontaneous moments of love. Give poses tips to get a good performance from them as well. Once this is done, the relationship of trust and friendship will be fulfilled.


  1. Be attentive and organized!

At every opportunity you have ask about guests, parents, family and friends. Try as much as possible to know who you are and do not forget, because this information will help you a lot on the day of the ceremony and you will be able to record moments of valuable feelings.

If necessary, note the names and characteristics. Other things that should be noted are the places of ceremony / reception and schedules. However, if the couple wants previous photographs, note the addresses and arrange a route so that no delays occur. Take note of everything you find necessary!