4 Tips to Prepare for a Stunning Wedding Photography Shoot

A wedding is a day that the couple will cherish forever. Being a photographer, your job is to make sure that the wedding photos are no less than a treasure. The following tips will help you to prepare for the shoot.


Compile a Shot List

Take your time to discuss the wedding photo ideas with the wedding couple. Make a list of photos they want in the final album. This will include everything from group family photos to snapshots. This can be a tedious thing but it can save your skin. So, help the couple and yourself to stay focused on the big day.

Take Spare Accessories

You will need to take something more than just your camera to take the perfect wedding photos. Start with the lenses. Take a couple of different lenses including a wide angle and longer one. You can also take two cameras instead of one, each with a different lens. This will save your time to change the lens every now and then.  In addition of the lens, you need to take some spare batteries and memory cards. This will make sure you capture as many snaps as you want.

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Silence the Camera

When it comes to take wedding photos, nothing is more distracting than the sound of your camera clicking or beeping. So, before you enter the wedding, you need to silence your camera.  Silence your camera as it will make it easy for you to shoot some candid photos without disturbing anyone nearby. Moreover, this lets you take natural photos.


Don’t make it Boring

A wedding is a sacred thing, it’s the time to celebrate and have fun. Wedding Photography can be tense but you should never miss to capture the happiness in your snaps. Whatever you do, make sure there is a sense of joy and fun in your work.