Pre-Wedding Photography

Tips and Ideas for Pre-Wedding Photography

More and more popular, pre-wedding rehearsal is a great opportunity for grooms to unwind before the ceremony, to create a greater tune with the professional photographer and to ensure endless memories of that special moment. But before you take the pre-wedding photos, you have to prepare yourself. The following are tips and ideas to ensure everything is perfect!


The choice of the costumes for your pre-wedding session is all about the venue. In more rustic environments, the request is for lighter, more fluid clothes. If already indoors, you can opt for more sober clothes. Bet on neutral and solid color pieces that are complementary. For example: if the groom will wear a navy plaid shirt, the bride can choose a light blue dress.


On a neutral basis of wardrobe it is possible to vary the photos with unusual accessories. Invest in items like umbrellas, hats, scarves, balloons, flower bouquets, bicycles, vintage cars and so on. Even the best companion of the couple can make a special participation in your session: photos with dogs have an extra charm and can still help to leave the photo session more fun.

Good mood

And speaking of fun, we come to one of the most important topics. The tip here is to remember the main purpose of marriage as a whole: happiness. The photo session will be another intimate moment of the couple that will produce eternal memories and relaxation in moments of tension shortly after the wedding. So, of course, the photographer can capture the essence of the couple and, above all, have fun!

Now that you know the step-by-step for a perfect pre-wedding photography session, schedule your visit with pre wedding photography services! With a great experience in photography, the professionals have the gift of expressing emotion and feeling in wedding photos, stamping spontaneity and moving to all.