4 Crucial Factors to Consider While Buying a Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

In the social media age, many people are in constant pursuit of that perfect selfie. This is challenging enough on your own, but it’s even harder in groups. Selfie mirror booths are a great solution. If you are looking to get that Instagram-worthy picture, there are some crucial factors to consider while buying a selfie mirror photo booth. 

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Selfie mirrors are becoming a popular feature at events, in dressing rooms, and even in people’s houses. They’re a high-tech alternative to the traditional “phone and bathroom mirror” arrangement, and it makes group photos much easier. Before you buy a mirror booth, answer these questions to make sure you are satisfied with your investment.

4 crucial questions

How is a mirror booth different from a regular photo booth?

If you’re looking for a Mirror Booth for Sale, it’s important to make sure you know what you’ll be getting. If you’re picturing the photo booth experience where you take props and climb in a private box, this is not what a typical mirror booth is like. Most of these setups look more like a full-length mirror, and some are not even full-length. They usually have touch screens and advanced software to customize and send photos rather than a standing camera and printer. 

What tech are you getting?

Once you’re certain a mirror photo booth is right for you, make sure you understand the technology behind them. Ask companies to walk you through their software so you know how to use it and the customization options available to you. Many setups include software with web platforms that let you design your themes and manage your events. Also, look at the equipment itself. Some mirror booths are small and light-weight, more like an Ipad than a photo booth. Others are simply a mirror layer placed overtop the normal photo equipment. 

How does photo sharing work? 

Most selfie mirror booths differ from traditional photo booths in terms of photo printing and sharing. Many mirror booth users are in it for the selfie – that is, they just want to share their photos digitally. Any high-tech selfie mirror booth should allow you to share photos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Think about platform compatibility here as well. For example, if the photo sharing software is an Apple product, iPhone users may have an easier time connecting with the system and getting photos straight onto their personal feeds.

What am I actually paying for?

As with any technology, it’s important to ask what is included in your purchase. Ask companies about hidden fees in their systems. For example, is there a monthly fee for the software? Some companies may offer no fees initially but then require you to pay a monthly or annual fee to update after the first year. If this is the case, check whether you can continue to use the system without the annual updates so you can decide whether you want to pay later.


A selfie mirror photo booth can be a fun and efficient way to keep your social media sharp. When considering buying one, it’s important to understand what you’re getting and ask companies about the equipment and software they provide.

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