4 Wedding Shoes Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your wedding day is coming, and there is a lot on your to do list. In all the fuss, don’t forget about your wedding shoes, they can make or break your day. To make sure the latter doesn’t happen, following are a few mistakes you need to avoid.


Not Trying Your Shoes

The biggest mistake, not breaking in your wedding shoes before your wedding is the worst thing. The last thing you want is being uncomfortable on your wedding. Well, if don’t try your shoes before walking down the aisle, you are risking your comfort. Trying your bridal shoes before the big day gives you the space to make important changes.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

It’s a common misconception that white shoes are a requirement. You can try out different bright colors if you want. Besides, your options are not only limited to heels, you can wear flats if you want. Just make sure you don’t trip in them. Whatever you do, stay true to yourself and comfort. The thing with designer wedding shoes is nothing is set in stone.

Skipping Your Pedicure

The Worst thing ever! Go to a spa or do it yourself, just make sure you get a pedicure at least 2 days before your weeding. It’s not only the luxury you deserve but a necessary precaution to keep your feet comfortable. Whatever your wedding shoes are, flats, heels, sandals or peep toe, getting a pedicure will make sure your feet looks good and stays comfortable for the whole day.

Spare Pair

You need to buy a spare pair of your bridal shoes. In case something goes wrong, you have a backup. You won’t have to be barefoot or ruin your look. Things happen, the heel can break or it might get untidy, having a fresh pair is an investment worth every penny.


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