Most Common Settings And Design For Diamond Bracelets

Most Common Settings And Design For Diamond Bracelets

Are you looking for a classic design bracelet? A diamond bracelet could be just for you. It is the foundation of every capsule jewellery collection.

Did you know that diamond bracelets can brighten up any appearance and are magnificent for ordinary wear, the work environment, and particularly formal dark tie occasions? The “tennis bracelet” is one of the most popular diamond bracelets. It is good to know that a diamond bracelet can be designed to create a piece that is redone and fitted perfectly for every character.

 Are you searching for the best diamond bracelet? We will go over the most common settings and designs so you will have a better idea.

Most Common Settings And Design For Diamond Bracelets

Bezel setting: 

Tennis bracelets with bezel settings have a round mount that keeps each precious diamond set up, though half-bezel settings have small bars or half-circles on both sides.

Is your personal style classier and smoother? Choose the tennis bracelets with bezels because they create a modern look! 

The only disadvantage of choosing this setting is that the stone’s shine can be lessened due to the limited light interaction. The problem is that the metal totally hides the diamond, leaving just the top sparkling.

Prong setting: 

Prongs are the little metal hooks that lock every diamond to a piece of jewellery. The most well-known type is tennis bracelets with prongs. The design can be affected by the number of prongs in a setting. More prongs means more protection for your diamond.

 If you choose carats, which are bigger diamonds, then it should be supported by four or more prongs. Your diamonds will be the most secure with six. More modest carat diamond bracelets can be fitted safely with three prongs. 

Charm setting: 

Charm bracelets were for a long time not trendy anymore, but now they are having a fashion comeback. The original charm bracelet has dangling charms linked to the chain. Nowadays, there are newer varieties in which charms are fused into the setting. You can add your diamond initials or symbols like a heart. 

Channel setting: 

The Channel setting has a continuous row of strain stones inside the metal. The most popular design feature is a clear line colour or glitter. This setting has more light contact than the bezel setting because of the way the diamonds are positioned. Therefore, it will shine but at the same time be matte. 

Gemstone setting: 

Are the options above not really for you? Then you might consider another popular option for bracelets, which is to use gemstones. If you choose this setting, you will have great access to different colours and styles.

The most wanted gemstones for bracelets are sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are the most. Why? They are valuable gemstones with high monetary worth.  

Semi-valuable stones like topaz, sea blue, and citrine, then again, may give a magnificent variety of colour to your wristband.