Married In The Lake District

Getting Married In The Lake District: 5 Great Reasons

When we think of the Lake District, we think of rolling hills and cozy getaways, but it’s actually been voted as the most romantic destination in the UK, making it the ideal place to wed.

This truly delightful setting will add that little bit of extra something to your big day so, if you’re considering getting married in the Lake District or you’re looking for some wedspiration, these 5 reasons to do so might just sway you.

Married In The Lake District

The scenery

The Lake District is perhaps most famous for its spectacular scenery so, if you decide to tie the knot in the Lakes, you’ll be blessed with a gorgeous backdrop. Having glittering lakes and serene woodlands surrounding you as you’re getting wed will make the day even more special – not to mention, they’ll look great in the wedding pictures!

The venues

The venue is one of the biggest parts of a wedding; a venue sets the tone of the day and can make or break the theme of your wedding. The Lake District plays host to an array of beautiful hotels and country houses which would be perfect for any wedding.

We spoke to Lake District Country Hotels who said: “Many of our couples come from far and wide to get married in the Lakes. With classic, old buildings offering both comfort and style on the big day, it’s certainly worth making the trip. Our landscaped gardens and delightful views add an extra special touch to the atmosphere and the wedding pictures.”

The activities

Regardless of what you’re into, you and your guests will easily be able to find some great activities to get involved in before and after the nuptials. Kayaking, climbing, and watersports are all on the cards for those who enjoy a bit of adventure and there are plenty of children’s outdoor pursuits on offer.

For those who like to take it a bit easier, walks are available for all abilities and you’ll really get a chance to take in your surroundings, so there’s going to be something for all members of the wedding party to enjoy in the Lake District.

The honeymoon

With many people choosing staycations for their honeymoon, there’s no better place in the UK to spend that special time after your wedding. Here you’ll find all of the benefits of going overseas, such as a romantic setting, fancy hotels, delicious cuisine, and plenty to do, but you won’t have the expense and hassle of leaving the country.

The food

The Lake District calls itself home to some incredible food and it’s even got a decent splattering of Michelin-Starred restaurants, all which would be the perfect location to treat your guests to a celebratory dinner. If you fancy something a bit more relaxed, there are plenty of sweet cafes and incredible chippies for you all to indulge in during your honeymoon!

The Lake District offers you everything you need to hold your dream wedding, from the venue to the setting, so let temptation get the better of you and choose to wed amongst the hills and fells.